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  • An Important Message to ALL Business Owners
  • Wanting to Fast Track Your Success
  • Your Market with the Right Word
  • in the Right Place at the Right Time
  • Equals Increased Income for YOU!

How to Gather the Fundamental Genius of the Worlds Greatest Copywriters, Channeling it into Every Word of Your Own Marketing Materials and Bring Untold Increase to YOUR Bottom Line

Finally a Copywriter Who is NOT Afraid to Confess His Shortcomings and Willing to Share His Hidden Abilities with the World at Large, Giving Small Business Owners Access to the Greatest Marketing Minds from History to the Present Day.


Dear Friend

I speak to people every day who are busily working away at their gifted strengths, blazing trails towards their dreams and forging new frontiers. They all have one thing in common; they know what they are good at.

It’s the very reason they come to me.

They learned a long time ago to outsource all those things they need but which are not core to their own skill set, like copywriting.

Don’t get me wrong…

It’s not that they can’t write, it’s just they have a more cost effective way of getting the same result. As I do with them, I can help you reach your target audience, connecting your prospects to you and what you believe.

Connect them to what I believe?

Here’s the thing. You might have the most fantastic piece of kit which the world absolutely can’t do without… in your opinion. But how do you get the world to see it through your eyes, with your passion and belief?

The simple answer is sell them your “WHY” not your “WHAT”.

Educate them as to why you are passionate about your widget and what it does for you. People are relational beings. It’s hard to have a relationship with a thing. But a relationship with the person who promotes the thing is simple.

Your story is something the rest of us can relate to.

People buy into your passion and commitment. They want association. It’s a strange basic human instinct.

Tap into it and you are made in the shade sipping pina coladas! (I know, it should be “drinking lemonade”. I just wanted to get all e x o t i c.)

This is not rocket science and I am not the only one who knows this. And by no means am I the best in my field but I am genuine and trustworthy and more than capable of delivering the goods.

Yes, it is a skill! And it can be learned.

Be warned though, not all copywriters are created equal.

Your content should be trusted into the hands of an experienced writer who is masterful in their discipline. Someone who has a continuous habit of education and who is working alongside other experts, constantly cross critiquing their work.

In the last 5 years I have personally paid well over $20,000 to hone my skills and made it my business to be around the best I can find in the world today. One of the highlights of 2011 was having dinner with an absolute living legend, Mr Ted Nicholas. What a privilege it was to have a conversation with one the world’s most recognised elder statesmen of the copywriting arena.

There were so many others present that night who make up the brains trust of Australian copywriting royalty that it is hard to say how much impact this weekend had on my overall skill. It certainly took a giant leap forward, that’s for sure.

But it’s this drive to excel and connect with those who have gone before that whips your skills into shape. You don’t get to talk to people of this calibre if you are not aspiring to their level of knowledge and ability.

These are the kind of people who mentor me along my journey. If you choose to have me write for you, by default you are getting all of the greats that have gone before who I have studied and learned from injected into your copy.

I also choose to have some of Australia’s elite copywriters mentor me. So as trends change and new writing fashions emerge I am equipped and ready for the challenge.

What does this mean for you?

You will have the most current and innovative content creation trends written into your material. In other words, your content will be cutting edge!

What you can expect from me.

  • I am quick to respond to your enquiries and usually get back to you within 24hrs or less.
  • I do as I say and say as I do.
  • I meet your deadlines. If there is a chance that I can’t meet your deadlines I will not take on your project.
  • I expect your responses to be timely and not leave me hanging.
  • If I ask for a response within 48hrs and the time has passed I assume this to mean we are in agreement and I go ahead.



The “Professional’s Code” is very simple: You show up where you’re supposed to be… when you said you’d be there… having done what you said you’d do. That’s it.

– John Carlton



What I can be trusted to deliver.

  • Writing website copy,
  • Information products,
  • Product descriptions,
  • Sales letters for physical products, services and info products,
  • Technical writing generally in (but not limited to) the engineering field,
  • Email campaigns
  • Surveys,
  • Direct mail,
  • Hard copy advertising content
  • And some editorial.

I am equally comfortable in both the online and offline worlds. Testing and measuring is much easier to do online so I tend to dwell there more, but I am not biased. If your copy is not getting you the response you want, I can help turn things around.

Whilst I am not an SEO expert, I have access to people who are and in collaboration with them I can weave your keywords naturally and invitingly into your content and make organic improvements to your search engine visibility.

And if the search engines can see you, your ranking improves.

You know, there’s a good chance that you found this website via a search engine and the fact that you read this far suggests the content is good. Would you agree?



Here’s My Guarantee To You…

I will get you results.

I am not about writing warm, fuzzy, touchy, feely, prose which would make a greeting card editor happy (unless your market is greeting cards of course 😉 ).

I am about getting connection with your market in a way that brings increase to your traffic and ultimately… sales.

If I am unable to deliver what I promise, there will be no charge. And if money has already changed hands, I will promptly and courteously refund you.

And for wasting your time I will do my level best to find a more suitable marketer to help you with your requirements.



You see, I am about seeing increase for you. Provided your product does what you say it does, you deserve to be rewarded for your investment and I aim to bring the reward for you.

Here’s the thing…

If I do my job correctly and you implement it in the way I advise you too, you will see the reward. So please register your interest in the form on the right and I will be in touch very soon.

And to close, here is a pearl that Ted Nicholas said to me over dinner that night:



If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.

– Ted Nicholas