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I Write Good Copy is a Copywriting Service which helps business owners like you gain greater market penetration. 

Gary Hobley

Chances are you've read my words many times in the past. Why? Because as a writer who has been behind the scenes for over a decade, I have been supporting many of Australia’s most well known Entrepreneurs. And now, in these strange and challenging times I've decided to widen my reach.

The truth is, 2021 has heralded a whole new world due to the isolation and division of the masses. I've discovered that if there are people searching for what you offer, you must be visible and speak to what they are thinking about. Since the online marketplace has become the main marketplace, words have become even more important (if that's actually possible). Search engines are getting smarter and smarter and so are the search terms your clients use.

So on your behalf, I am now deploying my writing skills to help you build greater market engagement with buyers who want to connect with what you offer. If you're up for it I can position you as the go-to person in your niche.

If you want your market presence to bring you increase, lets talk.

Gary Hobley



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