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  • An Important Message to ALL Business Owners
  • Wanting to Fast Track Your Success
  • Your Market with the Right Word
  • in the Right Place at the Right Time
  • Equals Increased Income for YOU!

You and I are driven by emotions. We are joined by conversations which are either spoken or written. The right word at the right time can create interest or boredom.

How does your market see YOU? Does your message match your market?

As a copywriter, I craft your message so you can make more money.

  • It’s NOT about what you are selling, it’s about what your market is buying.
  • It’s NOT about your product or service, but rather the solution it provides.
  • In fact, it’s NOT even about what they need. It’s about what they want!

It’s really simple…

Use the right words or lose out to your competition.

Confused? Fill in the form on the right and let’s talk.

All business owners know…

Getting your message clearly out to market  is essential to success. More importantly you need to speak to your audience in a way which leaves nothing to the imagination. It must show empathy, yet be direct. Be bold yet considerate. Strong yet caring.

I am a Copywriter! I write words that empower and persuade.

A copywriter is not somebody who copies someone else’s writing. They aren’t the kind of person who protects the intellectual property of someone else’s work either. That’s copyright! Notice the difference in spelling?

A Copywriter is a master of powerful, provocative and persuasive words and how they gracefully fit together.

“Why would I use a copywriter?” I hear you ask.


When you need to speak directly to your target customer with the written word, it is difficult to get their attention.You need to stand out from the crowd. The best way to do this is by using compelling words. These specially thought out sequences of words intimately entice your target customer, moving them to do what you want them to do.

But there’s a catch!

You see, when people communicate, there are thousands of unseen but easily received messages sent to us. We sift through this information, filtering the message through past experiences as we go.


Here’s what researchers have discovered about how we communicate:

  • 55% of what we understand is through what we see (body language)
  • 38% of what we understand is through what we hear (tone and attitude)
  • Only 7% of what we understand is through the actual words

And here’s the catch…

Once you place words on a page, you lose all the visual and auditory input. This means all the emotions you perceive in a face to face conversation are hidden.

So how do you connect through written words alone?

It’s probably becoming obvious by now. Tests have proven…

To get your message to your market you absolutely must choose your words carefully. Words are powerful when used correctly. You choose specific words to emotionally connect with your audience, moving the reader to act in the way you want them to. Copywriters do this for a living. This is exactly why you would use one.

If I were you, I would not leave this to chance.

You simply can’t afford to put a message out to your market wrongly. You leave far too much money behind risking the relationship, future sales and your reputation as well. But worse still, the money you spent on your advertising (online and offline) could be completely wasted.

Every cent you spend on your business should be an investment. To get the best return you should give yourself the best opportunity. What could the cost be if you don’t know how to effectively write to your market?

Here’s what you do…

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Gary Hobley